Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Everest Treks

The Everest Treks is the most wonderful and scenic located in the eastern peak vary all over Sagarmatha region and basically a fine scene tic place called Namchee Bazzar, the place from trek travelers headed for the peak of the earth, Mount Everest. That shows above several mountains peaks including Mount Everest and other great Himalayas. The Everest treks to the pinnacle of Kalapathar, that means "black rock”, is a unforgettable trip up to 5545 meter of altitude and the most adventurous trip. The Everest trek consist of a trip to Gokyo lake and over a place called Cho La (La means "pass") which guide you  Cho-Oyu base camp in Everest trek.

This pleasure Everest trek trip will surely be the mainly tremendous and experienced of your biggest achievement. On the way to this Everest trek journey, you will look at fair and Sherpa civilization, and the major and holiest festivals of their traditions. The eight of the world's ten maximum climax, Nepal is one of the mountainous and mountaineering countries. You can see our Everest Trek YouTube Video mentioned the below. The very best season for the Everest trek are in between September to November, while you are on trek Everest in this season you will be able to view clear mountain views.

The trek Everest is reasonably well-known, not for only world's uppermost mountain which is s 8848m but also for the gracious Sherpa citizens old fashion community, great diversity of society and ethnicity, festivals, monasteries and monuments. The vegetation and animals are other best and rare part of Sagarmatha National Park. The tale of the snow animal yeti is at a halt to the people of the Khumbu area.  It is the historical belief of the people of the Sagarmatha region. Many culture tradition, rite, rituals are well famous in Everest treks region and all over the Nepal.  So people also come all along from the country to the Everest treks as well as to know the tradition of this historic place.

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